Ronix Koal Classic Fish - Maple/White/Black



Our longest running high-end surfers. Not sure if you need something loose and skatey, extra reactive, or a mellow Sunday cruise - and just want an overall fun shape? This Koal Fish profiled “fun” board with a deep swallow tail that can easily break free on the top of the lip, yet has the bottom turn drive to get you there quickly. A versatile swallowtail design for toes on the nose stability, frontside airs off the lip performance, and big cutbacks on the wake. New for this year, we added a wider more stable nose design, and a faster rockerline. This speedy shape rides high on the water with a full rail and our exclusive machined core creating more glide speed. Available in 3 lengths covering the spectrum of riders and wake sizes. The Koal’s shape and construction is a perfect ride for us inlander’s with wake slashing versatility. Our most universal surfer using bits and pieces of bits and pieces of most of our other boards.


- Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick

- Ronix exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2 system

- 2-4” and 1-3” symmetric fins

- Handmade by Robots
- Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin
- Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin

- Air Vents inserted in the EVA pads

Category: Men's


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