Ronix Intermediate/Advanced Complete Foil Kit

$1,999.99 $2,179.92


The gateway of progression. Many foilers will start off with this setup and have a comfortable learning curve - with enough performance to advance on a second wave surf voyage.


• Koal Surface 727 Foilboard - 4'1" or 4'8"
• Alloy Fluid Mast: 24"
• Link 3D Fuselage: 39 cm Length
• Hybrid Carbon Balance Front Wing: 1300 cm Volume
• Hybrid Carbon Navigator Rear Stabilizer: 240 cm Volume
• Padded Foil Kit Bag: Complete with labeled compartments for all components
• Removeable Front & Rear Wing Protectors
• Hardware/Case: Complete with neatly labeled displays for all hardware T Handle
• Tool: 1 tool adjusts all fasteners
• Fuselage Tip Protector