Ronix Fluid Mast 24"

$249.99 $279.99

24” / 61cm – Enough ease to begin your flight journey (not as easy to learn deep water starts as our adjustable mast but for people with a solid wakesurf background can learn on this tall of a mast height) – enough vertical travel to experience a proper cutback and small distance transfers to varying waves. The perfect transition between just learning and experiencing fundamentals needed for advanced riding.

This is the mast height where you will really learn the art of flying before you being your adventures on the advanced 28" version.


A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is pushed through a die to the desired cross section. This workhorse heat treated 6061 aluminum has a higher strength than other metals for increased wear and tear and a more solid connections between the different parts.

Benefits of extrusion process...

  • Lightweight – We hollow out the inside making it less than half the weight of a solid piece.
  • Sequence – Creates the correct ratio of dampening to response – this construction is not too slow or fast - for the proper rhythm in your foiling.