Ronix Speed Front Wing 1330cm


This is the foundation model – the ideal size and construction for somebody new to foiling regardless of what size they are, or somebody experience that wants that blend of speed and lift.


A hydrodynamically complex construction with the most simplistic easy to use design.

Balance Wing Design – A rhythmic flow of a sequence of movements. A common theme in analyzing foils is getting great drive, and lift but having a hard time controlling it. The board will skyrocket to the top, plunge to the bottom or somewhere in between. This series of wings will ask you what floor on the elevator do you want to attend – and most importantly – keep you there. A nimble turn that will easily roll over to edge with its elliptical outline and additional width. Will quickly set you in the sweet spot, and keep you on your specified flight pattern, and do it with a quicker reacting edge hold.

Hybrid Carbon Construction – An infused autoclave development evolved we learned that this style of manufacturing wings complements aluminum masts and fuselages. This layup makes a more buoyant part offsetting the increased weight of an aluminum mast. A composition that compliments the mast by creating more natural rise/lift. This creates more pressure on the board so as you begin to pump you feel a more direct transfer.

Fit - We designed a 6-sided keyhole – shape that easily attaches to our fuselage with a finite tolerance that only mounts 1 way – preventing the always embarrassing mounting your wing upside down.

Attachment – We have 3 reinforced countersunk holes for an easy attachment with the screws fitting flush when attached. Reinforced to prevent wear and tear over extended use.

Anti Twist Design – With this asymmetrical hexagon outline there is no side-to-side slip with the front wing.